Comprehensive piano education, including theory, technique and ear training, performance classes, recitals masterclasses performances, competitions, and association of music with other arts.

Enjoy engaging lessons in piano with the best instructors in Mississauga.

piano lessons in Mississauga

Mississauga Private Piano Lessons

A personalized curriculum to achieve the best learning conditions
Our piano teachers can teach you a wide range of styles, from popular to classical. No matter if you are looking to learn Mozart or Alicia Keys they will be happy to help. Not only will they teach you sight-reading, technique, and theory but they can also help you incorporate your favorite songs into the lessons. Lessons are not limited to a home piano. For the first six months, a full-sized electronic keyboard is sufficient. Our piano instructors are warm and happy to share their passion for the piano with you.

Beginner, Advanced, & Adults

Your piano teacher will help you create a practice schedule that fits your student’s needs. Regular practice is the most important aspect of piano practice. We understand that students are busy. We know that students are busy! But dedicating even a small amount of time per day to piano practice will produce better results than relying only on weekly “cram sessions.”

Beginner Piano Lessons

Music theory basics and the layout of the keyboard.
Learn techniques to help students understand and develop the physical skills necessary to play and create music with technical assurance.
Exercises that increase finger strength and independence
The understanding theory requires a solid foundation of chords and scales.
Learning songs and improvising in different styles of music, including classical, rock, blues, and jazz.
Ear training and sight-reading.

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